Full-Service DesignFull-Service Design

We are an innovative, full-service interior design firm that delivers functional, high quality design to clients for small to mid-sized projects. Whether it is a functional kitchen in your home or a busy workplace or retail store, each space is carefully designed keeping the end user in mind. We offer services carefully catered to each project’s unique requirements. Through experience, thoughtful planning and attention to detail the clients can enjoy the process of having their design vision become a reality.

It all starts with the initial consultation, site assessment, concept design, space planning, finish specifications, permits, construction bids, project management and then the final touches that makes your space unique.

Space Planning & Working DrawingsSpace Planning & Working Drawings

Space planning is the heart of all good design. LB Design Inc. can create to-scale drawings for City Permits (new construction or renovations), site plan, finishes plan, elevations, reflective ceiling plan (electrical and Lighting), 3D renderings, cabinetry & built-ins. This will allow the client to envision the project as the Designer sees it and assist the Contractor prior to construction.

New Construction & RemodellingNew Construction & Remodelling

We will help you make critical decisions relating to your new construction or renovation, providing space planning, applying for City permits, specifying materials and fixtures to achieve your perfect finished commercial or living space. LB Design Inc. is qualified to work with your architect, contractors and other professionals to ensure that your needs are met.

Lighting DesignLighting Design

Lighting is one of the elements that provides drama and infuses a client's space with ambience. We provide customized solutions to our client's needs and on some large projects we team up with a lighting designer. Lighting is everything!

Project ManagementProject Management

Clients often have busy lives and schedules and do not choose to deal with the aggravation of dealing with trades. LB Design can provide the invaluable service of scheduling and coordinating a project so it runs flawlessly. We have multiple skilled trades as well as private construction contractors that we have used time and time again. We trust our people and we work in a collaborative way to overcome challenges and ensure you see the best results. We are anti-drama all the way. No tricks & no “preferred” trades; just dedicated and reliable people who share our values and consistently deliver an incredible product on time and on budget.

We get preferred rates with almost all suppliers and we pass these savings to you. We’ll contact the supplier and arrange the discount for you. Some of these discounts, in our experience, have been so substantial that they have more than paid for the design services that we have provided.